Don’t skimp on design assistance

A building designer or architect can be invaluable, save time, money, and help to ensure you have the home you dream of rather than living with poor choices or decisions. They can also assist with staying realistic and give options that may be more within your budget or add extra wow to your existing home.

Request a fixed quote
Requesting a fixed quote rather than materials plus time or per hour can ensure that you know exactly what you are up for before designing or construction starts. Paying via materials plus time could mean budget blow outs.

Allow for up front budget plus 10%img_5292

Don’t underestimate the Power of Passive Solar Design
The orientation of your home or addition to the sun, size of the eaves or even window placement can make a massive difference to lighting, heating and cooling of your home.

Building and Construction materials and finishes
There are so many different products out there now. Ask your designer or builder for affordable options.

Don’t make last minute changes
Once approval has been obtained any changes may need a council approval a second time. The builder may also charge for variations to the original quote This means additional council and builders costs.

Don’t forget, it’s a lot cheaper to make alterations on a piece of paper in the design stage rather than when the builder is standing there with a hammer in his hand ready to go.Concept Image cropped