1You can have that new home feel without the extra costs of moving out and demolishing and retain the existing parts of your home that you wish.

Home renovations may include the fresh face of a new façade, or a modernisation of a bathroom or kitchen. We can also suggest various design solutions, which can work within your existing walls. This can give you more usable space with a fresh new look.

Initial Consultation

We meet with you to listen to your requirements and wishes to help you determine what is the best design solution for you. With our concepts we can assist you with coordinating all the materials and finishes to ensure that you obtain the result that you dreamed of.

Concept Drawings

Using the chosen materials and finishes we complete the concept design drawings incorporating your requirements and expectations. The designs will be developed with constant consultation with you.

Sign off on Concept Drawings


Finalised drawings are prepared once you are happy with the design of your new space.

Delivery of Finalised Plans

We provide you with a full set of residential building designs custom drawn for your new kitchen, bathroom or room designs.

Raw Concept Designs will provide you with the following documentation.

  • Floor Plan/s
  • Elevations
  • Section Drawings
  • BASIX – if required
  • 1 PDF soft copy
  • Materials and finishes schedule

3D Walk Through

The 3D modelling, virtual “walk through” can give you a life-like view of what your future home will look like. The 3D modelling incorporates all the finishes, materials and modernisation for your home design.